Guatemala Winter Tournament VII 2016

Hello Everybody! Here we go again! It is time for Guatemala City to host the Guatemala vs. Antigua Vs. El Salvador annual Hat Tournament. Come one, come all, and bring your friends!

Location: Colegio Americano
Date: Saturday, Jan. 23th and Sunday Jan. 24th 2016
Time: 8:30 a.m. both days

We ask that people try to arrive by 8:00 AM, to give time for last minute team adjustments and warm-up before getting started at 8:30 am. No dogs please.

Bring a light shirt and a dark shirt, water and good spirit, as well as a snack or sunscreen as needed. Your name will be put on a list for the guards, so please sign up here or you might not be able to get in.

Games will be played to 11 points (win by 2), hard cap at 13, or 35 minutes, hard cap at 40, whichever comes first. This will give us a 10 minute break between games.

Once again, we will be celebrating after the tournament with a little party, graciously hosted by Ken Davis at his house. He also offered his place to camp out if you need somewhere to stay. Food and some bevies will be provided, but please be prepared to bring something to drink and/or some Q to chip in for a beer run! Also, an extra side dish never hurt! Can't wait to see you all there and play our hearts out as always!

Will update you with more information soon! 

Tourney Reminders. 23 Jan 00:08

Hey everyone, just a few reminders: 

1. Bring a light shirt and a dark shirt,
2. Water and/or water bottles, there will be water and water fountains 
3. snacks and  sunscreen as needed. 
4. and the most important good spirit.

A friendly reminder, No...

Up date for the Torunament 19 Jan 19:10

Hello everybody, hope that everyone is excited as I am to have fun this weekend! just a quick up date! I will be closing the registrations process, if anyone is interested on playing or you{ve questions just send me an  email, 

See you all soon! 


Participants in gray rows are in the waiting list.
Name Gender
1. Edd (Edd Smith) M
2. Cristian Guirola (Cristian Guirola) M
3. Krystal (krystal cordero) F
4. fx (Frank Quinn) M
5. Fitzy (Eric Frederick ) M
6. David (David Allan) M
7. Paul (Joseph Salvador) M
8. Patman (Patrick Nyberg) M
9. Joe (Joe Orlowski) M
10. Lucas (Lucas DiMauro) M
11. Syts (Matt Sytsma) M
12. Burns (Elle Bee) F
13. Doff (Corinne Doff) F
14. Wertz (Sophie Wertz) F
15. Old Guy (Kenneth Davis) M
16. Christy (Christy Nagy) F
17. Alex (Alexandra Orozco) F
18. Lukus (Lukus Brody) M
19. Adam (Adam Kostecki) M
20. Papa (Cristian Guirola B.) M
21. Gwinner (Chris Gwinner) M
22. Leo (Leonel Soto) M
23. Stella Giron F
24. Cristian Guirola (Cristian Guirola) M
25. Mario Minondo (Mario Minondo) M
26. Seuc (Jason Seuc) M
27. Jacob (Jacob Taylor) M
28. Pablo (Paul Lz) M
29. Graham (Graham Brewer) M
30. Steve (Steve Cook) M
31. Andy Feldman (Andrew Feldman) M
32. Nuria (Nuria Elkout) F
33. Brian-I (Brian Crepin) M
34. Rebecca (Rebecca Becky Sanft) F
35. Bug (Gregory Allpow) M
36. Chino Gringo (Ming del Dino) M
37. Matt (Matthew Cook) M
38. Django (Reinhard Prosch) M
39. Mari (Mari Gray) F
40. AJ (Alexander Kilford) M
41. Laura (Laura Trolez) F
42. Julian (Julian Galdamez) M
43. Tuppers (Matthew Tupling) M
44. Luis (Luis De Leon) M
45. Bill (Bill Bruihler) M
46. Jordan Queen (Jordan Queen) M
47. Hickey (Paul Hickey) M
48. Eroc (Eric Fry) M
49. 2tones (Tony Johnson) M
50. Ders (Anders Johnson) M
51. Chen (Carlos Chen) M